10 Tips to Make Your Email Sign-Up Process As Effective As Possible

When it comes to building an email list for things like your monthly e-newsletter or periodic special offers, we all want to attract as many email addresses as possible that are valid, and will open our messages.  Making the sign-up process easy on your users will take you a long way toward that goal.  An unpleasant sign-up experience will cause more of your customers to ignore your emails, or abort the registration process entirely.

So what are the best things to keep in mind for your email sign-up process?  What companies do these things well?  Which ones make mistakes?  Here are ten guidelines to consider when designing (or reviewing) your site’s email registration process, along with examples of major companies that do them well and poorly.  In gathering these examples, I looked at the email registration process of 22 major retailers to experience their process.

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How Not to Revamp Standard Ordering Processes – A Case Study

When it comes to usability and how sites convert visitors into sales, we can often learn a lot from what other large, seemingly successful organizations are doing on their websites.  In fact, it is surprising how often we can learn what not to do from even these companies.

Here is another in a series of poor usability examples we find from everyday usage on the web.

The AT&T Performing Arts Center

Located in our home of Dallas, Texas, the AT&T Performing Arts Center showcases a wide range of cultural events to the DFW Metroplex.  My wife and I have seen a number of events there ourselves, and each performance has been top-notch.

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Your First Email Marketing Campaign Made Simple – 10 Basic Guidelines

Email MarketingThere are still way too many of you out there.  You know who you are.  You read every day about how beneficial email marketing can be for you.  You want to take advantage of it.  However, you also read about so many things to consider, it’s been overwhelming.  So you’re still sitting on the email marketing sidelines.

You’ve probably read about, and are therefore worried about things like getting through spam filters, making your email look good on mobile phones, the difficulty of getting the email to look right in a multitude of different email clients, low open rates, things like that.

Those are all valid concerns, but as daunting as they may seem, they shouldn’t stop you from getting started.  After all, if only some of your email recipients see the email the way you intended, that’s still better than none.  And besides, you can easily overcome most of these issues easily, without a sophisticated email campaign designed for you.

Here then, are my Getting Started guidelines for designing marketing emails which will appear nicely for the vast majority of your recipients.  Once you get this mastered, which will be quickly, you can move on to more sophisticated techniques.

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Improve Conversions By Upgrading Your Forms to HTML5

HTML5 Forms for Mobile Usability

Illustration: Sherif Tariq

As you are looking for ways to improve your website, ideally to increase conversions, you’ll undoubtedly come across a myriad of thoughts and hypotheses to test.  Changes can be big or small in difficulty and cost.  However, there are also some no-brainer enhancements that can be made to most sites.  One of those is upgrading your forms to take advantage of new HTML5 features.

Why It Makes Sense
Why are the new features in HTML5 forms a no-brainer?  First, they are quite simple to implement.  Even the longest form can be modified in a matter of minutes to take advantage of HTML5′s benefits.  In almost all cases, everything you or your developer needs to know is contained in this short blog post.

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8 Fabulous Uses of Google Analytics Events Tracking To Better Understand Your Customers

Google Analytics Events Tracking Part 2
Event tracking in Google AnalyticsIn Part 1 of this series, I explained the value of Events Tracking in Google Analytics (GA) and how to implement it.  Today, we get to have more fun, discussing some of my favorite uses for Event Tracking in GA. So let’s dive right in!

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