Follow These 12 Women For Great Conversion Optimization Expertise

With the recent growth in Conversion Rate Optimization, it’s a simple matter to find lists of the most influential CRO experts, or lists of people to follow.  Those are great, but in most cases, they are dominated by men.  And there are many, many male authorities on the subject.  But there are also a great many women leading the way as well.

Follow each of the women on the list below.  Follow them on Twitter, read their articles, hear them speak.  I think if you do that, regardless of which men you also follow, you’ll gain a tremendous amount of insight to improve your website over the coming months.

Some of these you have probably heard of, and might be following already.  Some you might not be familiar with.  But in all cases, the information they will share with you will be valuable.

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This Should Be Your Site’s Top New Year’s Resolution

Start 2015 by addressing your Analytics implementationTis the season for New Year’s Resolutions (and for Resolution Blog Posts), and I’m adding to the fray!  Seriously, if you haven’t yet, now is an excellent time to spend a little time thinking about your top strategies for the coming year with regard to promoting your website(s) and increasing conversions.  We’re actually putting the finishing touches on such plans right now at WSO for our current clients.

As you’re doing that, regardless of what the current status of your site is and how well it is performing, one thing you must be sure to do right away is readdress your analytics implementation and make sure it measures everything that is important, and measures it accurately.

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4 Methods to Utilize Social Proof to Build Trust on Your Website

Build trust with social proofIt bears repeating:  one of the biggest reasons over 95% of website visits do not result in a conversion is a lack of trust.  The World Wide Web is famous for “leveling the playing field”, allowing mom & pop shops to compete right alongside established brands.  And because there are so many options so readily available to a shopper, trust becomes a huge differentiator.  If you are on a site that you don’t feel entirely comfortable with, there are a dozen more sites offering similar products you can explore instead.

So how do you build that trust with your visitors such that they will stay on your site, explore what you have to offer, and hopefully end up converting?  I think one of the most effective strategies is to utilize Social Proof to the fullest.  Strategies like building brand value, utilizing trust seals, and PR campaigns can be successful but also are very expensive.  Displaying Social Proof can have a bigger effect on your site’s visitors at a fraction of the cost.

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Google Universal Analytics Upgrade Tutorial

Google Universal AnalyticsHave you upgraded to Google’s Universal Analytics yet?  As I mentioned in my previous post, everyone using the “classic” version of Google Analytics will eventually have to upgrade to Universal, and it’s smart to go ahead and do that sooner rather than later.  For one thing, there are more features in UA (and more will likely continue to be added).

For another thing, upgrading is actually quite easy.  We recently completed getting all of our clients transitioned to Universal Analytics.  They ranged from some very basic implementations to some sophisticated Google Analytics implementations with ecommerce and lots of events.  All went smoothly and most took less than a half-hour’s worth of work.

So let’s get started.  Here is your one-stop tutorial for upgrading your site to Universal Analytics (UA).

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Why You Should Upgrade To Universal Analytics Now

Google Universal AnalyticsI still run into a lot of Google Analytics users who are putting off upgrading to Universal Analytics.  Heck, I was one of them!  Let’s face it, Google’s documentation on just about anything is not that easy to digest.  It makes the transition process from “classic” Google Analytics to Universal Analytics look a little daunting.  So why am I advocating that we all go and do it now?

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