10 Conversion Tips From “The Live Event” by Which Test Won

The Live Event - 2014I can’t believe it’s been a full week already since Which Test Won held their second annual The Live Event, a two day conference focusing mainly on A/B Testing, but also on other things dealing with improving conversions on your web site.  For the second year in a row, it was a show full of great information.

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Email Marketing for Mobile Devices – Who Does It Well? Who Does It Not-So-Well?

The explosive growth of mobile usage for Internet-related activities continues, and nowhere is it more prevalent than in reading email.  According to Litmus, more than half of all email reads take place on a mobile device.  How do your company’s emails look and perform on a phone or a tablet?

This is the 3rd in a series of blog posts looking at what some of the major e-marketers out there are doing when it comes to email marketing.  Who does things well?  Who does not?  (For more, see my first two posts reviewing the email sign-up process and email marketing best practices.)

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Email Marketing Best Practices – Who Does It Well? Who Does It Not-So-Well?

For almost every client I’ve ever worked with, Email Marketing has been one of the top, generally the very top, performer of any online marketing effort undertaken.  But because of this, too many people simply take a “Send it and they will come” approach to their email marketing.

That’s too bad because there are some simple things you can do (or avoid) which can make a major impact on the results of a campaign.  I’ve written before about practices you can adopt to try to improve the open rates, click through rates, and conversions for your email campaigns.  But how do the big players do with regard to these practices?

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Why Is Campaign Tagging Your Analytics Program’s Best Friend?

In the early days of the World Wide Web, things seemed so easy.  Put together a website, throw a bunch of relevant terms in your meta keywords tag and run a few banner ads, and it would either work or it wouldn’t.  People would either come and buy or they would not.

Fast forward about fifteen years.  Now a website must be marketed in so many different ways.  There is organic SEO, paid search ads, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, RSS feeds, guest blogging, remarketing ads, QR codes, and that’s just the beginning.  Most online marketing plans include many of the above tactics, and more.  And because of that, it becomes more and more important to discern those marketing channels that do well, and those that are wasting your money.

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10 Tips to Make Your Email Sign-Up Process As Effective As Possible

When it comes to building an email list for things like your monthly e-newsletter or periodic special offers, we all want to attract as many email addresses as possible that are valid, and will open our messages.  Making the sign-up process easy on your users will take you a long way toward that goal.  An unpleasant sign-up experience will cause more of your customers to ignore your emails, or abort the registration process entirely.

So what are the best things to keep in mind for your email sign-up process?  What companies do these things well?  Which ones make mistakes?  Here are ten guidelines to consider when designing (or reviewing) your site’s email registration process, along with examples of major companies that do them well and poorly.  In gathering these examples, I looked at the email registration process of 22 major retailers to experience their process.

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