Why You Should Upgrade To Universal Analytics Now

Google Universal AnalyticsI still run into a lot of Google Analytics users who are putting off upgrading to Universal Analytics.  Heck, I was one of them!  Let’s face it, Google’s documentation on just about anything is not that easy to digest.  It makes the transition process from “classic” Google Analytics to Universal Analytics look a little daunting.  So why am I advocating that we all go and do it now?

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Do Your Strategies Build Trust on Your Website or Take It Away?

There are many well-known techniques to build trust on your website, including using real testimonials, incorporating trust-building 3rd party seals, showing logos of prominent customers, leveraging social proof and more.  And you should use as many of those techniques as possible on your site!  After all, trust concerns are one of the biggest reasons potential customers do not convert on most websites.

But most of those techniques are fairly expensive, either in terms of time and resources, or in the case of 3rd party seals, money.  But are there some obvious trust builders that you are overlooking?  How do your basic sales & marketing strategy decisions affect the trust generated on your site, and how can you use them to build more?

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Google Analytics Bot & Spider Filtering – Should You Enable This Filter?

Just at the end of July, Google Analytics added a new feature to help improve the overall accuracy of your analytics – “Bot Filtering”.  This was announced on July 30, with the promise to have it completely rolled out by July 31.  Whether you’ve not heard of this until now, or saw a blog post about it earlier, or just noticed it while perusing your Google Analytics setup, you may be wondering just what it is, and if you should turn it on or not.  I hope that this post can clear up some of those questions.

Google Analytics Bot Filtering Feature

Improve the accuracy of your analytics by enabling the new Bots and Spiders filter.

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Don’t Make These 9 Mistakes In Your Google Analytics Implementation

Google AnalyticsWe perform a lot of Analytics Audits for clients to help them make sure their web metrics are being reported accurately, and that the information coming from them is useful.  While we perform audits for most of the major analytics tools out there, Google Analytics is easily the tool most often used by companies that approach us.  That makes sense because GA is a very complete solution which is cost effective, and it is so ubiquitous that there is a lot of support out there for it.

However, with a solution that is broad, there are often implementation issues, and we tend to find several on each audit.  And there are a group of issues that tend to come up most often.

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Why Just One Digital Marketing Firm May Be Your Biggest Mistake

Sourcing all of your Digital Marketing needs from one firm looks attractive & efficient. But will it get you the optimal results?

A question I find myself answering more often these days is why Web Site Optimizers offers only Conversion Consulting-related services and not Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Site Development, Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management, Social Marketing, Content Marketing services, etc.

There are indeed one-stop Digital Marketing firms that offer all of those services and more.  One mistake I feel that many small and medium-sized businesses make these days is hiring one firm to handle all of those needs described above.

Why do I feel this way?

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