How To Use Google Analytics Calculated Metrics (And Get More Insight)

How to Use Calculated Metrics in Google Analytics (And Get More Insight)
I’ve been saying for years that Google Analytics is probably the most valuable marketing tool a website manager has.  But until recently, your metric options were often limited.  Sure, there are Custom Metrics, and those can come in very handy in certain situations.  But the inability to perform some simple math within GA could require some tedious activities to get the information we needed.

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6 Reasons Why Star Wars Princess Leia Would Make A Great Conversion Optimizer

6 Reasons Why Princess Leia Would Make A Great Conversion Optimizer
With the recent release of “The Force Awakens”, The Star Wars franchise is once again booming.  Not only did the film shatter opening-weekend box office records, fans are also flocking to see the earlier films in the series as well.

With Star Wars on everyone’s minds, we were wondering at WSO, which of the primary Star Wars characters would make the best Conversion Optimizer?  My money is on Princess Leia.  Daughter of Darth Vader, sister of Luke, wife of Han Solo, Leia certainly plays a key role in the Star Wars storyline, but she also exhibits some key characteristics that would make her an excellent Conversion Optimization expert.  We’d love to have her here at Web Site Optimizers.  Here’s why.

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What’s The Conversion Rate For Your Opt-In Popup Box? Our Client Has Allowed Us To Share Theirs [Case Study]

How Well Does Your Pop-up Convert?We hear a lot these days about the use of opt-in popups to gather more email subscribers to mailing lists, and their effectiveness.  So many sites use them these days.  They must work.  However, ask most people and they still hate them.  So do they work, or do they drive people away?

The thing is, while I see a lot of commentary in the blogosphere saying that opt-in popups are effective, I see little recent data on how effective they are.  That is, I see posts that will tell me how much faster they grew the opt-in list, which is great, but I see little detail about what kind of a conversion rate the pop-up itself might produce, and what the effect is on things like Bounce Rate.

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Customer Service: Are You Exceeding Expectations, Or Just Making Things Right?

Does Your Customer Service Exceed Expectations?When it comes to loyalty and referrals, good customer service that exceeds expectations rules.  Most of you probably think you know that, but how many of you really implement it in your business?  Top-notch customer service is not just something that you hope makes your company superior to your competitors.  It’s truly a table stake for success.

Nowhere is this more true than when you have made a mistake or inconvenienced a customer, and how you handle that.  Maybe you shipped to the wrong address or delivered the wrong product.  Perhaps there was a bug in your system that prevented a customer from being able to log in.  Maybe it wasn’t even your fault, but if you can’t turn that negative experience into a positive one, the customer probably won’t be coming back.

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Speed Up Your Website: 8 Easy Places To Look To Reduce Page Load Times

Speed Up Your Website: 8 Easy Places To Look To Reduce Page Load Times

When it comes to creating and maintaining a profitable website, there are many areas that need attention and care. Usability, Mobile Experience, SEO, Trust, Fresh Content, and accurate Analytics are just some of them. But one area I’ve seen getting more attention lately is the Site Speed, often referred to as Site Performance.  If you can speed up your website, you can often see an increase in conversions.

Website speed is an important area to keep your eye on. It has been shown to have a direct correlation to your Conversion Rate and your Search Ranking. As far back as 2010, Google publicly stated that website speed is a ranking factor in their algorithm. And there have been many case studies showing a direct correlation between improvements in load times and conversion rates. Here are just a few:

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