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Form Wisdom: 6 Techniques Making Your Forms Easier To Fill Out For Mobile Users

With more and more of your visitors coming on mobile devices, make your forms as easy to complete as possible on phones to gain more conversions.

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Why We Chose a Responsive Design For Our New Site

For the new WSO website, the choice between Responsive Design vs Dedicated Mobile Site boiled down to a few key factors.

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Email Marketing for Mobile Devices – Who Does It Well? Who Does It Not-So-Well?

The explosive growth of mobile usage for Internet-related activities continues, and nowhere is it more prevalent than in reading email.  According to Litmus, more than half of all email reads take place on a mobile device.  How do your company’s …

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Improve Conversions By Upgrading Your Forms to HTML5

Changing out some simple attributes in your forms can take advantages of HTML5 features to make your site easier to use—especially for mobile users!

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Don’t Be So Sure!

I get a lot of questions and inquiries these days as to whether someone’s website is “mobile-friendly” (or “mobile-ready”, “mobile-optimized”, etc.)  Just last week I was in a meeting with a client and another vendor where the vendor asked if …

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