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How You Benchmark And Why That’s Wrong

Almost everyone looks at their metrics & compares to industry benchmarks. But here’s why that’s a waste of time.

How To Use Google Analytics Calculated Metrics (And Get More Insight)

New to Universal Analytics, Calculated Metrics enable you to eliminate some tedium by allowing a little math within Custom Reports. See how they can help you learn more about your site.

Is Referral Spam Is Hurting Your Web Analytics? Here’s How To Fight It

There has been a sharp rise in “fake” visits showing up in Google Analytics from Referral Spammers and Ghost Referrers. These two simple GA filters can keep it out!

Peek Inside Your Visitors’ Minds: 4 Enlightening Ways To Use Site Search Data

After setting up Site Search Tracking in your analytics tool, here are several techniques you can use to increase conversions on your site using the information it provides.

Fine-Tuning Your Google Universal Analytics Implementation

Whether you’ve already upgraded to Universal Analytics or are just preparing to, this guide will help you fine-tune the additional features available in UA.

This Should Be Your Site’s Top New Year’s Resolution

Resolve now to take a look at your site’s analytics and set yourself up for a successful 2015. Here’s how.

Google Universal Analytics Upgrade Tutorial

It seems like a complicated project, but it’s typically not. Here’s your quick and easy tutorial for upgrading your site to Google’s new Universal Analytics.

Why You Should Upgrade To Universal Analytics Now

Soon you will be required to abandon “classic” Google Analytics and upgrade to Universal. Get ahead of the game and take advantage of the enhancement Universal Analytics offers.

Google Analytics Bot & Spider Filtering – Should You Enable This Filter?

Just at the end of July, Google Analytics added a new feature to help improve the overall accuracy of your analytics – “Bot Filtering”.  This was announced on July 30, with the promise to have it completely rolled out by …