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How You Benchmark And Why That’s Wrong

Almost everyone looks at their metrics & compares to industry benchmarks. But here’s why that’s a waste of time.

Customer Service: Are You Exceeding Expectations, Or Just Making Things Right?

How well your customer services meets and exceeds customer service will correspond directly to customer loyalty & referrals. Here are some offline examples that can be copied online.

Why Blogging Regularly Will Increase Conversions

Most growing businesses think they don’t have time to blog. But the fact is, a blog will increase your conversions, so you really don’t have time NOT to blog.

Do Your Strategies Build Trust on Your Website or Take It Away?

Your strategic marketing decisions—things like your pricing, refund policy, privacy policy, etc., will either contribute to the perceived trustworthiness of your site, or raise more trust questions with your users. Which is it for you?

Why Just One Digital Marketing Firm May Be Your Biggest Mistake

Should all of your digital marketing activities be provided by the same firm? Often the answer is no, and here is why.

Why We Chose a Responsive Design For Our New Site

For the new WSO website, the choice between Responsive Design vs Dedicated Mobile Site boiled down to a few key factors.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Don’t Be So Sure!

I get a lot of questions and inquiries these days as to whether someone’s website is “mobile-friendly” (or “mobile-ready”, “mobile-optimized”, etc.)  Just last week I was in a meeting with a client and another vendor where the vendor asked if …

From Rags To Riches – The Pauper’s Guide to Optimizing Your Site’s Performance

Part 1 – Take Care of Your Metrics, and Your Metrics Will Take Care of You Everyone wants their web site to be a huge success.  The next Amazon, Pinterest,  Huffington Post,  When I talk to people responsible for … Offers the Best of Both Worlds in Accepting Online Payments

Combining the control and usability of a Merchant Account solution with the lower costs of a solution such as PayPal, is a welcome addition to the array of online payment provider choices. Read about our experiences with it.