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How To Speed Up Your Site by Reducing Download Size of Your Largest Images Without Sacrificing Quality!

Shrink the file size of your images by over half and end up with as high a quality picture on your page? It can be done, and I’ll show you how!

Home Page Carousels: Good or Bad? The Ultimate Guide to Existing Studies With Real Data

Are or carousels, or image sliders, harmful or helpful to your website? A round up of available research on the question can help you determine the answer.

Follow These 12 Women For Great Conversion Optimization Expertise

CRO is not just a man’s game. Start reading what these women have to say and you’ll become a Conversion Rate expert in no time.

10 Conversion Tips From “The Live Event” by Which Test Won

I can’t believe it’s been a full week already since Which Test Won held their second annual The Live Event, a two day conference focusing mainly on A/B Testing, but also on other things dealing with improving conversions on your …

2014 Conversion Optimization Reading List – 7 Books You Should Read This Year

These seven titles are excellent sources for those just starting in website conversion as well as advanced conversion gurus. Read some or all of these books this year, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your website. Offers the Best of Both Worlds in Accepting Online Payments

Combining the control and usability of a Merchant Account solution with the lower costs of a solution such as PayPal, is a welcome addition to the array of online payment provider choices. Read about our experiences with it.

10 Critical Uses of Google Webmaster Tools for Marketing Professionals

For those of you out there who are on the Marketing side of your organization, this entry is for you.  And I know what you’re thinking:  “Webmaster Tools?  That’s something the actual developers need.  I just need the Analytics.”  And …

Product Review: Navicat MySQL Database Management Tool

Whether you develop and maintain a large number of custom built web sites, or if you just need to perform some specific queries on the database for your lone site, there is a good chance you need to access, manage, …