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Home Page Carousels: Good or Bad? The Ultimate Guide to Existing Studies With Real Data

Are or carousels, or image sliders, harmful or helpful to your website? A round up of available research on the question can help you determine the answer.

What’s The Conversion Rate For Your Opt-In Popup Box? Our Client Has Allowed Us To Share Theirs [Case Study]

Many have shared subscription growth rates for opt-in popups, but few actually share a conversion rate for the popup itself. These are the results of tests for one of our clients.

A Lesson In UX: This Hospitality Company’s Loyalty Program Could Be More Hospitable

Even big companies have processes that just don’t work, if they don’t do proper usability testing first.

Ecommerce Product Page Optimization – An Example

How we gained one customer $1.2 million annually by changing the layout of their Product Detail page.

Why We Chose a Responsive Design For Our New Site

For the new WSO website, the choice between Responsive Design vs Dedicated Mobile Site boiled down to a few key factors.

How Not to Revamp Standard Ordering Processes – A Case Study

When it comes to usability and how sites convert visitors into sales, we can often learn a lot from what other large, seemingly successful organizations are doing on their websites.  In fact, it is surprising how often we can learn …

Stop “Promo Code Search” Leaks Once and For All to Increase Conversions

Coupon Code boxes at checkout can hinder conversion rates as shoppers leave your site to find a discount code. We tried one method to prevent that and saw a double-digit increase in conversions.

Lessons from Scam Artists – Don’t Make These Simple Mistakes to Lose Trust With Shoppers

For an online store, Trust is a critical factor in its ability to convert visitors into buyers.  While a brick & mortar store typically allows shoppers to pick up and inspect an item before they purchase, there’s no ability to …

Avoid These Shipping Cost Usability Mistakes That Even The Big Ecommerce Sites Make

We usually think that the largest online e-tailers have the resources to make their sites the easiest to use, but my recent experience in trying to purchase a gift with three of them proved that to be wrong.