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Google Analytics Bot & Spider Filtering – Should You Enable This Filter?

Just at the end of July, Google Analytics added a new feature to help improve the overall accuracy of your analytics – “Bot Filtering”.  This was announced on July 30, with the promise to have it completely rolled out by …

Don’t Make These 9 Mistakes In Your Google Analytics Implementation

These are the Google Analytics issues we see most often when performing an Analytics Audit for customers.

Why Is Campaign Tagging Your Analytics Program’s Best Friend?

Implement Campaign Tagging in your external links to improve the accuracy and usefulness of your analytics.

8 Fabulous Uses of Google Analytics Events Tracking To Better Understand Your Customers

Going beyond simply tracking downloads of PDFs, here are eight excellent ideas for how to use Events Tracking from Google Analytics to give you better insight into your customers and what they are doing on your website.

Get Started With Google Analytics Events Tracking

Events Tracking is very powerful and easy to set up in Google Analytics. In the first of our two-part series, we look at how to properly set it up and use it.

Gain Valuable Insight With These 7 Google Analtyics Customer Advanced Segments

Advanced Customer Segmentation is one of the keys to turning a big pile of metrics data into insights from which you can take meaningful action. Here is a start into how to do it.

From Rags To Riches – The Pauper’s Guide to Optimizing Your Site’s Performance

Part 1 – Take Care of Your Metrics, and Your Metrics Will Take Care of You Everyone wants their web site to be a huge success.  The next Amazon, Pinterest,  Huffington Post,  When I talk to people responsible for …

Analytics Focus: Exit Rate

The Exit Rate for a page is often confused with Bounce Rate. What is the difference and how should you be using Exit Rate? The answers are in this post.

How To Succeed In Email Marketing: Demystifying Email Metrics

Understand the meaning of the most useful Email Marketing metrics, the nuances of how they are calculated, and how to use them to improve future campaigns.