Do Your Strategies Build Trust on Your Website or Take It Away?

Your strategic marketing decisions—things like your pricing, refund policy, privacy policy, etc., will either contribute to the perceived trustworthiness of your site, or raise more trust questions with your users. Which is it for you?

Google Analytics Bot & Spider Filtering – Should You Enable This Filter?

Just at the end of July, Google Analytics added a new feature to help improve the overall accuracy of your analytics – “Bot Filtering”.  This was announced on July 30, with the promise to have it completely rolled out by …

Don’t Make These 9 Mistakes In Your Google Analytics Implementation

These are the Google Analytics issues we see most often when performing an Analytics Audit for customers.

Why Just One Digital Marketing Firm May Be Your Biggest Mistake

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Why We Chose a Responsive Design For Our New Site

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10 Conversion Tips From “The Live Event” by Which Test Won

I can’t believe it’s been a full week already since Which Test Won held their second annual The Live Event, a two day conference focusing mainly on A/B Testing, but also on other things dealing with improving conversions on your …

Email Marketing for Mobile Devices – Who Does It Well? Who Does It Not-So-Well?

The explosive growth of mobile usage for Internet-related activities continues, and nowhere is it more prevalent than in reading email.  According to Litmus, more than half of all email reads take place on a mobile device.  How do your company’s …

2014 Conversion Optimization Reading List – 7 Books You Should Read This Year

These seven titles are excellent sources for those just starting in website conversion as well as advanced conversion gurus. Read some or all of these books this year, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your website.